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“Today’s economic conditions are now creating huge investment opportunities in select types of “Commercial Real Estate” that blow away house flipping. We’re capitalizing on them, and we’re inviting YOU to join us!”
Tarek El Moussa

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This Is How YOU Use Today’s

  Economic Storm To YOUR Advantage!

It’s a fact… Every economic challenge creates economic opportunities

It’s a fact… Every economic challenge creates economic opportunities

for those savvy enough to identify them and position themselves to capitalize on them.

Howard Hughes created enormous wealth during the “Great Depression”.

Warren Buffet did the same during the “Great Recession”.

And now We’re doing it during our current “Inflation Crisis” with Commercial Real Estate. And through my FREE investing club you can learn how to join us… but you need to act fast before this window of opportunity closes!
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All the Advantages of Pre-Inflation

House Flipping but on STEROIDS…

Plus, We Do All the Work for You!

House flipping has made me wealthy, and you’ve seen on HGTV how much I love doing it.

House flipping has made me wealthy, and you’ve seen on HGTV how much I love doing it.

But in today’s economy, home prices have hit all-time highs and interest rates have more than doubled. This one-two-punch has temporarily sunk the single-family flipping market into the quicksand.

But for savvy investors, the same factors have skyrocketed the opportunity in select Commercial Real
Estate sectors to the moon.

It’s true… While the office building sector of Commercial Real Estate has suffered from the work-from-home craze… 

The multi-family sector (like apartments and duplexes), storage facilities, and certain types of smaller retail spaces… have become the juggernauts for today’s smart investors.

The multi-family sector (like apartments and duplexes), storage facilities, and certain types of smaller retail spaces… have become the juggernauts for today’s smart investors.

This is where we’re invested today.

This is where you should be invested today.

And my investing club gives you unprecedented access to invest alongside us with small “fractional ownership positions” that still give you 100% of your share of the ownership benefits!
In fact, the #1 question I get is always the same… 

“Tarek, I see all the PROFITS you’re making with your partners… Can I INVEST with you, too?”

That’s exactly what we did… 

We created Tarek’s Investing Club to bring you all the best deals and opportunities that we’re involved with!

Right Now…

No Other Opportunity Gives You the Insider Advantages My Club Offers!

Advantage #1
Due to my 10 years on HGTV, I have many of the TOP commercial real estate insiders in the nation (who control many of BEST investment properties) approach me to participate in their deals. As a FREE member, you get to join me!

Advantage #2
My business partner Anthony Morrison, one of the most success internet marketers of our lifetime, adds (what we call) our “Digital Advantage” to our deals. A proprietary strategy that has proven to turbo charge our returns.
As a FREE member, you get it too!
Advantage #3
On top of giving you access to invest with us, we offer you FREE training on why we’ve selected each deal and how we structure them for maximum returns. As a FREE member this gives you chance to learn while you earn so you can progress to doing deals on your own!
 Your info stays secure with us and will never be shared or sold.

Why I Created my FREE Investing Club…

Once my business partner Anthony and I came together and combined our knowledge and strategies, we knew we were onto something POWERFUL!

We not only wanted to teach you how to create passive income from Commercial Real Estate Properties, like:
Inside this investing club, we:
  • Multi-Family Units (Apartment, duplexes, etc.)
  • Small In-Demand Retail Spaces
  • Storage Facilities
  • ​Vacation Rentals
  • ​and more..
…but we wanted to create a way for you to be a part of investing WITH us - where we bring you the deals and handle all the details FOR YOU!

In fact, the #1 question I get is always the same…

“Tarek, I See All The RESULTS You're Getting For Your Partners On TV… Can I INVEST With You, Too?”

So I came up with a solution…

I created My Investing Club to share with you hot new deals and opportunities that we’re investing in!

Why ChOose US As Your Trusted Partners?

Tarek El Moussa

Tarek El Moussa

Is a REAL ESTATE investor and television personality.

I’m A REAL ESTATE Investor And Television Personality.

I’m best known from HGTV's Flip or Flop, Flipping 101 with Tarek El Moussa, and HGTV's newest show The Flipping El Moussas that I’m now doing with my wife, Heather Rae El Moussa.

As a master of both residential and commercial real estate investing, I’ve built a nationwide network of some of the top “insiders” in the business. In real estate, as in life, your network directly impacts your net worth.

And as a club member… my network becomes YOURS!

Anthony Morrison

Has been very successful using INTERNET marketing strategies to generate over $200 Million online.

He has created an online sales ‘MACHINE’ that generates sales around the clock…

BUT…he realized that everything he was doing to create income was tied to his brand. He couldn’t walk away from it, because his business required him in order to operate.

So Anthony started looking into new ways he could create passive cash flow - opportunities that didn’t require his time, or having to be present.

He started investing in specific types of Commercial Real Estate and applying very basic Internet strategies to win big. 

That’s when he reached out to his friend, Tarek El Moussa…

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What Could Becoming A Free Member Do For YOU?

We know that many people want a serious advantage when it comes to investing in commercial real estate…  Tarek’s Investing Club IS your advantage, no matter where you’re at in your investing journey…

Beginner Investors

(We do it all FOR YOU!)
It can be intimidating to go through the investment process on your own, especially as a beginner. 

These are BIG deals, with a lot of money, and a lot of details… Many investors don’t want to “mess something up” and lose or slow their deal over a technicality or learning curve. 

With Tarek’s Investing Club, we do all of that FOR YOU!

Experienced Investors

(We do it all FOR YOU!)
You’re looking for the BEST deals… right?

The reality is, almost all of the BEST deals will never make it to the public.

With My Investing Club, you’ll benefit from partners who have “insider access” to private deals, and bring them TO YOU  along with all the stats needed to quickly & easily run the numbers and decide if they’re deals you want in on!
Best of all… Whether you’re a beginner or experienced… YOU are in the driver’s seat.

Every deal presented is carefully vetted by our team and are all deals we’re personally investing in.

But there is never an obligation to invest in any deals. The choice is always yours!


Watch these Commercial Real Estate deal case studies from REAL investors just like you… This is your chance to join them and become an investor alongside Tarek and Anthony!
Ann Wong
Aricelia Nava
Armando & Kimberly
Jason & Marissa Hamera
Halle McCrory
Nate Moller
Robert & Kay Marvin
Tammy Lemieux

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